CV blunders hit your chances of securing employment

Inspired by a recent article on the BBC, here's an O&P Masterclass in CV writing:

  • Keep it concise - recruiters do not require a 'War & Peace' version of your life story - As interesting as you may be, 2 or 3 pages will do nicely!
  • Speling, spellilng, spellling! Bill Gates gave us F7 so use it! Also, if you speak the Queens then defend your 's's. Don't be persuaded by the 'z' club. 
  • Amusing email addresses are best used between friends. If needs be, set up a new account with somethingprofessional@
  • Avoid the cliches - almost everyone claims to be 'a people person' and 'can work independently as well as part of a team' YAWN - Give us an example of what makes you brilliant instead of peddling these generic paragraph fillers.
  • Write your CV for the job you are applying for. Emphasise the points the recruiter wants to see. (pssst, some recruiters are a little bit lazy so you may have to spell it out for them!)

One of the biggest blunders you could make is not locking down your facebook. It gives way too much of you away - Lock it down...go it now!

The full bbc article here: