New Kids On The Block...well Park

We've settled in nicely to our new office on Stockley Park and already had a number of promising meetings with some fantastic companies in the area. Our telephone number for Stockley Park is 0208 622 3128 where we will manage all vacancies in the Middlesex and West London area.

Oxby & Parke Open At Stockley Park

The lease is signed, office arranged, candidates interviewed and now we are ready to launch. From the 1st of September 2012, Oxby & Parke Recruitment will have their second office open and in full swing offering a first class recruitment service to Stockley Park and surrounding areas . It's a really exciting time for our business and we are very much looking forward to meeting our neighbours.

Four steps to getting that job

Competition remains high among applicants in todays job market so 'standing out from the crowd' has never been more crucial. I found this recent BBC article provides great advice on helping you research, prepare, handle your nerves, tips on dress code and how to deliver a first rate performance in the interview.

Leaving no stone unturned...a cautionary tale

Candidate profiling has long been a part in driving insightful recruitment campaigns. It seems that some recruiters (increasing in their numbers) are comfortable in demanding your facebook login details for a thorough snoop on their would-be recruits as part of their short-listing techniques.

Your online and offline persona are merging to the discerning recruiter so our advice is to consider tidying up your Facebook page along with your CV before you commence with your applications:

We should do this more often...

so we are!

We've enjoyed developing relationships with business in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area over the last 6 years so much that we are going to extend the service to the West London neighbourhood. Having just signed a lease on a shiny new office on Stockley Park we look forward to getting to know and support our new neighbours with their recruitment activity. It's a great move for Oxby & Parke and we are all very excited to get the opportunity to develop more professional friendships out there. Watch this space!

Claire's first year at Oxby & Parke Recruitment - Done!


"Wow, I can’t believe I have been here a year already, they say time flies when you’re having fun! What an exciting year this has been learning the industry from both Andy and Adrian, Laura joining us and helping to grow the Office Support desk with me to the rebranding and launching as Oxby & Parke Recruitment Ltd. I am thoroughly enjoying my role within this fantastic team and look forward to another successful year!"

The Infamous Counter-Offer!

So, as the market picks up and unemployment rates are reducing, confidence in the 'passive' job hunter returns. Great news, you've just been offered the perfect new role and on the day you sit with your boss to present your resignation you are given the counter-offer. After some negotiation you may decide to stay put.

Oxby & Shadbolt - Rebranding to Oxby & Parke Recruitment

Times are changing here at Oxby & Shadbolt!

Andy Parke joined the business in 2010 and following a very successful year now has his name above the door.

From June 2011 Oxby & Shadbolt becomes Oxby & Parke Recruitment.