Relocation Complete!

We are delighted to announce the completion of our move in to our very own, brand new office in High Wycombe. From these larger premises, we'll continue to grow our business and be much better connected to our clients in the local area. As part of our commitment to creating a healthy place to work, we've opted for fancy floating desks enabling us to keep moving and working at the same time. Do get in touch if you'd like a look around our new base camp!

Contact Centre Recruitment

Launched in 2015, Oxby & Parke Recruitment have developed a division to exclusively specialise in Contact Centre Recruitment. The core values of honesty, integrity and super service remain the same but the division is here to focus on high volume recruitment campaigns delivering a precise service at a ferociously fast pace.

We've identified a clear place in the market for a consultancy led service into the Contact Centre world and are currently working with several high profile businesses with Contact Centres in the Thames Valley.

Comic Relief 2015

We are proud to be dedicating our Friday evening to help man the donations telephone lines for Comic Relief. 

Move More to Earn More...

Quality of life, heath and happiness are undoubtedly important considerations when considering a move but sometimes in life, it's all about the money. According to research carried out by Forbes Magazine, the key to earning more money is to change jobs every 2 years. According to research, company loyal employees are likely to earn 50% less over their lifetimes than those who adopt a more fluid approach. 

If you want something doing efficiently...

...give it to a busy person. We really have found our stride in 2014, new vacancies are at their highest in years and our clients seem to be behaving with a reassuring confidence in their own growth and hiring plans.

It's great to see our talented Recruitment Consultants juggling a demanding workload while maintaining the high standards and ethics our clients have come to expect of us. To celebrate a fantastic start to the year we have hired 2 new Recruiters and enjoyed a glass or two at Royal Ascot. 

Thanks and long may it continue!

Employers optimistic about short-term recruitment boost

It seems that we are right to be optimistic! We've noticed a definite increase in recruitment activity across the majority of our clients in the last 6 months which supports the findings of a recent survey by the CIPD. 

The brains behind the research are reluctant to serenade us with tales of a longer term, sustained improvement to the employment scene but we are encouraged to seize the moment and capitalise on the opportunities as you see them. Carpe they say.

CV blunders hit your chances of securing employment

Inspired by a recent article on the BBC, here's an O&P Masterclass in CV writing:

Standing Out from the Crowd..a shining example.

We pride ourselves on providing sound advice and support to our candidates to help them distinguish themselves from others on a recruiters shortlist. This guy takes it to a whole new level by spending his last £500 on a billboard promoting his website to help him get a job. It makes me think that we can all do a little better in the world of self promotion...Employ Adam    

Andy does Movember!

So this year Andy has decided to get involved with Movember to support the cause. If you would like to follow his progress and perhaps be kind enough to make a donation then please click on the following link

Being nice!

You'll see an increase in our super-duper umbrellas around Uxbridge as we go that extra mile towards sheltering our clients from unpleasantness!